Champions League 2017: How Does Manchester United Compare with its Opponents?

The grueling and highly anticipated wait for the announcement of who their opponents in the Champions League will be over for the Manchester United. Fresh from winning the Europa League, the English football team has been recently drawn in the Champions League Group A. This means Manchester will play against other teams in the Champions League Group A roster: CSKA Moscow, Basel, and Benfica.

For the fans who want to watch the first Champions League games, these are scheduled on September 12 and 13.

Here is a quick look and a bit of analysis on how the Manchester United fares against their opponents:

CSKA Moscow

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CSKA Moscow, the Russian professional football club that has been existing for more than a century, has a lot of achievements tucked under its belt, including six Russian Premier League championships and seven Soviet Top League titles.

Will the odds be in favor of the Reds versus the Horses?

If the last game of the two teams were to be judged, the Manchester United has the edge because of its 1-0 win against the CSKA. But it was not good enough for the Reds to move on, placing third overall and just one rank above CSKA, which was in fourth place.


Fussball Club Basel, one of the most successful Swiss football clubs, is famous for winning 20 Swiss Super League titles. Will the Swiss team outperform the English team?

In the history of the Champions League, the two professional football clubs had competed against each other for four times. Basel won 2-1 in the latest game, while the United won one game, lost another, and drew two games. The last defeat of the Reds kept the team from advancing the group stage. On the other hand, Basel (along with Benfrica) moved on to become one of the top two finishers that year.


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The Lisbon-based Sport Lisboa e Benfica is touted as the most successful Portuguese football club, having won more than 80 overall titles and almost 80 local titles in its 113-year existence.

Out of the nine matches between the Reds and Benfica, the English team won six games.

Will Manchester United beat all the rivals in the Champions League this year? Who are the strongest contenders for the championship? Let us know your thoughts!

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