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7 Football Betting Tips: A Guide for Beginners

Aside from being a game spectator, there is another way to enjoy football—staking your money on a team that has the highest chance of winning.

How will you do just that if you have no experience yet? Here is a list of tips for first-time football bettors.

1. Bet with your head, not with your heart

One of the worst mistakes anyone can make when betting on football is placing their money on a team they want to win. Bet on a team because you think it has a great chance of winning, not just because it is your favorite team.

2. Bet what you can only afford to lose

Responsible betting means avoiding to overstretch your budget. Before you place your bets, you have to figure out first the amount of money you can afford to lose.

3. Use football betting sites

Online betting is a safe and convenient option, especially those who are learning and doing sports betting for the first time. Through football betting sites, you will also enjoy the best lines and odds, as well as rewards and bonuses.

4. Have tons of patience

Beginner’s luck may be real—or not. There is no guarantee when you will win a bet. You can always strive to become a better football bettor, but you cannot expect to win all the time.

5. Do not bet on an exhibition game

Also called friendlies, exhibition games are very unpredictable for beginners. You will be better off placing your bets on actual football games.

6. Compare lines and odds

These two important betting elements, depending on your pick, can give you higher payouts and higher chances of winning your wagers.

7. Enjoy!

If you focus so much on raking in profits, you will lose the joy and thrill of football betting. So do not ever forget to enjoy your time!