Malaysia vs Manchester United – Where to get the ticket after PRE-SALES

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22 Responses

  1. sharon says:

    looking for 4 RM98/- tickets for manu vs mas on 18Jul 09.
    pls email at

  2. malin says:

    looking for 2 ticks RM98@68


  3. Hani says:

    2 tickets for RM308. please e-mail me at

  4. Hani says:

    I mean i need 2 tickets for the RM308!

  5. Melissa says:

    Is it worth it to buy dat RM58 ticket?? or shoud i juz stay at home n watch thru Astro??? Hais….. belakang goal post..mcm sedih je..hehehe

  6. setakat nak tgk kat astro…every week boleh tgk start august nanti. kalau pergi stadium..dok blakang goal post pun…ada feeling juga kehangatan stadium bila manutd main..

  7. Sky2404 says:

    I hv 1 RM58 ticket n many RM98 ticket

  8. Sky2404 says:

    Who wn cn contact me

  9. David says:

    Does anyone know if the match will be screened live on astro or tv? I’m a big fan but like Melissa wouldnt wanna watch the match behind a goal post.

  10. i don’t know..but i think…YES!..

  11. ohean says:

    Budak bawah 3 tahun kena bayar tak?


  12. Mike says:

    Hey guys, I need 5 x Rm98 tickets. Is anyone willing to sell, please leave a msg in my mailbox:

  13. lorenz says:

    I have 30 tickets (rm 98) to let go. (including training pass). CALL ME: LORENZ 019-7766758.

  14. GhazA says:

    can anyone tell me wen is d training session?n wat time is it?
    i have d idk wen:P..pls tell me..(0178306870)

  15. wani says:

    the training was awesome and I’m looking for 2 RM 98 tickets
    is there any available tickets?

  16. ..MaSterZ ZhaRiF.. says:

    Hurm,tahniah diucap kan kepade pasukan harimau muda….
    malaysia xi…
    dpt lawan dgn man utd dgn baik…..
    alhamdullilah dapat 3-2…
    x de laa malu sangat kan???
    pasukan malaysia semakin lame semakin bagus…
    betul x???
    puas sye melihat match semalam…
    stadium dah smart..
    pdg pon okey gak…
    pemain yer pon berkebolehan…
    congret kpd amri yahya…

  17. ya..tahniah to harimau muda.
    tapi saya rasa..kita patut ucap tahniah pada rajagopal yg guna strategi betul semalam..

  18. vincent chin says:

    best turn out years !!!! man u really bring in the fans !!! and well done malaysia !!! best team seen in years too ! rajagopal boleh !!!! see ya gain tomorrow !!! re-match !

  19. nalinan says:

    i want 4 tickets RM58 to rematch at bukit jalil monday 8.45

  20. anandraj says:

    i will support malaysia win in this game

  1. July 19, 2009

    [...] OK…you can get the REMATCH tickets at Bukit Jalil Stadium ticket counter or at Ticketpro outlet. [...]

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